Art & Soul album

Los Angeles Jazz Saxophonist.  New Album Art & Soul, featuring original music by Kirsten Edkins. 

Kirsten Edkins, a strong saxophone voice from the West Coast, shows her strengths and versatility on Art & Soul... At times, Koonse sidles up to the leader’s voice, in classic tenor/guitar melodic muscle fashion reminiscent of the Scofield/Lovano team spirit. While her writing reflects an awareness of contemporary jazz notions, we also get a sense of historical grounding in deeply-rooted jazz idiom... Art & Soul, amply blessed with technical prowess, innate swing and more, is a robust debut statement worth celebrating.
— Josef Woodard (Down Beat Magazine)
Indeed this is a lady already possessing more than enough vigour and poise to make an instant mark through her touch and tone, always playing for the song, yet never afraid to stretch it out and make the sound her own.
— Steven Reid (Sea of Tranquility)
Saxophonist Kirsten Edkins delivers a delightful and charming batch of mainstream jazz with her engaging and exuberant debut Art & Soul.